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The DGS Difference

Sourcing viable candidates for "hard-to-fill" jobs can be difficult in competitive markets. From IT, engineering and technical positions, to sales, first-class talent is usually gainfully employed, well paid, and happy. To attract and capture that talent, DGS Staffing goes beyond the typical "post and pray" strategy with a true competitive recruitment strategy employed by recruiters with deep sourcing expertise.


For all DGS employees, we administer:

  • e-Verify work eligibility
  • FBI Fingerprints
  • No-Fly List confirmation
  • Terror Watch List monitoring

We also offer:

  • STAs
  • Badging
  • SIDA
  • U.S. Customs Seals

Delivering Maximum Security

By performing extensive background checks and screenings, fingerprinting, various list monitoring and levels of badging, our clients see a positive impact in retention, reduction in training costs, higher productivity and increased ROI.

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